Driving directions from Marathahalli to Kengeri

Driving distance: 27.12 Kms

Area level directions

Marathahalli Flyover > Command Hospital > Corporation circle > Town Hall Junction > Sirsi Circle > Kengeri Bus Stand

Detailed driving directions

START-Marathahalli Flyover,Marathahalli
GO ON HAL Airport Road TOWARDS Old Airport,GO 3.9K
CONTINUE INTO HAL Airport Road AFTER Pizza Hut (@Murugesh Palya Junction),GO 0.3K
CONTINUE INTO HAL Airport Road @%0 Flyover (AFTER Carlton Towers),GO 0.6K
CONTINUE INTO HAL Airport Road @Domlur Water Tank Signal (AFTER Park),GO 0.3K
PASS Haiku Honda,Dealership & Service(L),GO 0.9K
PASS Command Hospital(R),GO 1.1K
PASS Trinity Church Road Junction,GO 0.5K
CONTINUE INTO Victoria Road AT India Garage, Mitsubishi and Mahindra Service,GO 0.4K
CONTINUE INTO Victoria Road AFTER Hyderabad Biryani House (@Palm Grove Junction),GO 0.3K
TURN FAR LEFT INTO Richmond Road AFTER LifeStyle,GO 0.5K
TURN SLIGHT RIGHT INTO Raja Ram Mohan Roy Road @Richmond Circle (AFTER Ittiam Systems Pvt Ltd),GO 0.5K
TURN SLIGHT LEFT INTO Raja Ram Mohan Roy Road @Rajaram Mohan Roy Circle (AFTER Hotel Ramanashree),GO 0.4K
TURN FAR LEFT @Corporation circle (AFTER Rupakala Silks And Sarees) INTO Hudson Circle Ramp,GO 0.2K
CONTINUE INTO JC Road AFTER Hudson Church (@NR Square),GO 0.4K
TURN SLIGHT RIGHT INTO NR Road AFTER Town Hall (@Town Hall Junction),GO < 100m
PASS Kamat Restaurant(L),GO 0.6K
GO UP THE RAMP AND CONTINUE INTO Mysore Road Flyover AFTER PC Sudarshan and Co,GO 2.4K
AT GROUND LEVEL INTO Mysore Road @ Sirsi Circle,GO 0.5K
PASS Gopalan Mall(R),GO 1.8K
PASS Hosakerehalli Road Junction,GO 8.1K
END-Kengeri Bus Stand,Kengeri