2x sales conversion fromomni-channel marketing

Dell uses Latlong’s Store Locator suite of productsto drive Indian market growth.

Brand Challenges

Customers unaware of Dell brand outlets location
Online traffic untapped
Varied location information experience across marcom channels like web, social, print etc
Difficulty in correlating marcom activities and footfall
Dealer panel in print ads – not effective due to a large and growing dealer network across India

Product Portfolio

P2M store locater for simplified CTA in print ads
Website Dealer Locator deployed along with SEO to guide online visitors to nearest dealers
LBLD for real time dealer-customer interaction – consumers locate dealers and connect instantly
Data and analytics of campaigns to empower relevant stakeholders in sales and marketing teams


30%+ Sales conversion of enquiries(hence doubling previous conversion rate)
Real-time lead tracking by dealers and sales teams
Improved footfall in stores from customers who enquiried; up by 50%
Analytics correlating campaigns to leads for closed-loop marketing.

Hariprasad Shetty

Dell India

“We have been using Latlong’s location based solutions to help customers locate Dell Exclusive stores/outlets by providing benefits such as –

Helping consumers to get nearest dell store details, thereby increasing footfalls during campaigns
Generating instant leads enabling the dealers to call back and close loop
Helping the sales team with consumer data & reporting which provide valuable insights and analytics helping Dell India maximise marketing efforts.”

About Dell India

“The power to do more” emphasizes the overwhelming impact of Dell’s innovations in the Indian market. Dell worldwide (and in India) sells personal computers, servers, data storage devices, network switches, software, computer peripherals and many more products. The Indian team realized that both consumers and small business segments are driven by strong distribution networks, especially in emerging markets like Indian . India is the only market outside the U.S. with all business functions-customer care, financial services, manufacturing, R&D, and analytical services-operational at the local level and giving global support and having a strong retail presence is one their core strengths in this region.